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October is Dyslexia Awareness Month

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Welcome to my Dyslexia Solutions blog!

Welcome to Dyslexia Solutions. My name is Tara. I started my dyslexia journey about seven years ago. I was your typical working mom trying to make time for all the important stuff but somehow never having enough time. At that time, my son was excelling academically in the fifth grade. He was the kind of student that you never had to worry about or monitor. My daughter on the other hand was struggling in the second grade. She couldn't remember sight words and couldn't spell or read CVC words. Knowing what I know now, I feel very grateful to the special education teacher who told me that my daughter was struggling and that I needed to request an educational evaluation. I say I feel lucky because it is not often that someone from the school suggests an educational evaluation that early. The educational evaluation showed that my daughter has a "Specific Learning Disability in Reading". At that time I was thinking, "Now what? How do I help her?" The school put her in a smaller group for her reading but nothing changed. By the time third grade started my daughter was emotionally broken. What I mean is she was no longer the outgoing, doesn't know-a-stranger kind of kid. She was now very aware that the other students could read and she couldn't. She called herself "dumb" and "stupid". She would hit her head on the table and pull her hair when she was asked to read anything. Her self-esteem was destroyed. My heart was broken. Something had to give.

Knowledge is power

In the past seven years, my life has completely changed. I was once a dental hygienist without a care in the world. Now I am a reading specialist trained in dyslexia and I want to share what I know with those that need this information. It is an uphill battle but with the right information, you can get to the top!

What's to come:

I will be sharing my story in hopes of helping others. We will be discussing all things dyslexia from what dyslexia is to the possibilities of success with dyslexia. For now, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook at to get more information about dyslexia!

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