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Dyslexia Solutions: Tutoring That Works!: The mission is to help all struggling readers become proficient readers, improve self-esteem, and become academically successful.

About Dyslexia Solutions: Tutoring That Works!

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As a parent of a dyslexic child I discovered that getting help is not easy!  I have spent countless hours researching dyslexia: what it is, how it effects people, effective interventions, the importance of early intervention, early warning signs and so much more.  I completed training to become an Authorized Reading Specialist Trained in Dyslexia to help my daughter.  During the process I found my passion for helping people like her!


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Dyslexia Reading Tutoring

As a trained Barton Reading & Spelling System tutor I provide one-on-one, individualized instruction.  This system can be customized to work at each students pace and works for both children and adults.

The Barton Reading & Spelling System is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach, which is recommended by the International Dyslexia Association. For more information on the Barton Reading & Spelling System you can visit:

Free consultation and initial assessment.


  • $40.00 for a 60 minute session

  • $27.00 for a 40 minute session

  • $20.00 for a 30 minute session

Tutoring sessions are provided at least twice a week for a total of two hours.  Sessions can be adjusted to meet the students needs. The options are:

  • (4) 30 minute sessions 

  • (3) 40 minute sessions

  • (2) 60 minute sessions

Online live tutoring.



With training as a Reading Specialist Trained in Dyslexia and personal experience of the process comes a great understanding of the laws that provide students the right to a Free Appropriate Public Education that is tailored to the students needs.  The goal of advocacy is to provide parents with the information they need to ensure that their child receives an Individualized Education Program or 504 plan that meets the needs of the student.  This includes appropriate interventions and accommodations.



The role of a dyslexia consultant is to share the science behind dyslexia and reading.  This is done by increasing awareness about dyslexia and proven interventions by speaking at community events and working with educators to make positive change.


"Tara is passionate, patient and highly recommended as a reading tutor by me and my family!  In 6 short months of tutoring, my 11 year old (dyslexic and ADHD) son has jumped 2 entire grade levels and his confidence has soared! He surpassed each goal set forth in his IEP and I couldn't be more proud of his progress.  Tara has been nothing short of a blessing, as I know we would've never made this much progress without her help!"

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